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Giddeon Massie is the reason we got our dream home.

He was our dedicated representative that went to extreme lengths so that we could get the house we wanted. Giddeon knows how to keep the customers interests in mind while negotiating a reasonable offer that will be heard by the seller. He'll fight, fight, and keep on fighting. Nothing can stop him. Giddeon would be our choice for a Realtor one thousand times over.


Giddeon is not only an exceptional realtor, but he is an honorable person.

When I met him he was genuinely kind and wanted to help me find a home. I met other realtors before and after I met him and no one made me feel like they cared or made it their mission to help me no matter my circumstances. Giddeon was going to find a way. He was patient and informative. He was by my side throughout the process and always found answers to my questions and addressed all my concerns. He made me feel comfortable thru the home buying process. He made my feelings and my well being top priority. I cannot thank him enough or say enough about what an amazing person he is. I not only purchased my first home as a retiree, but I also gained a friend for life with Giddeon. I am so grateful to have met him and have him thru this journey. He is the truth and a stand up man. No gimmicks or games. He is trustworthy and honest. True display of professionalism and excellent customer service.


Buying a home can be stressful, but Giddeon was a calming presence through the entire experience.

He was our advocate, he did a great job listening to us both. He was very knowledgeable but never felt pushy, I never felt like he had an agenda other than helping us find what we wanted for our family. There were multiple bids on the house we wanted, and our offer wasn’t the highest but we still got the house because they said our offer was so well thought out. After closing when we spoke to the selling realtor she said she couldn’t believe how profesional and organized Giddeon was.


Very outgoing and careful with his clients.

Was always available to answer any questions or concerns. Tries his best in every situation, patient, and understanding. Very humble guy; our go to for buying/selling homes.

Karam elzein

Giddeon is a true professional when it comes to his business.

He truly has his clients best interest in mind and it was a pleasure working with him.

Jaimee Risher

Buying a house can feel stressful, Giddeon was a peaceful presence through it all.

I felt like he was on our team- listening to both of us and while knowledgeable he didn’t ever force an agenda. At the end of our bidding war we got the house- but not because we had the highest bid! We got the house because our offer was so well written. The other realtor told us after the close that she was impressed with how organized and profesional Giddeon was. He advised us well, we are so thankful and happy in our new home!

Andrea East

Fantastic experience, selling my home with Giddeon.

He made sure all the t's were crossed and i's were dotted. Very thorough and meticulous. If I ever sell a house again (or buy one) I'll go through Giddeon.

Glenn Koshi

Takes his job very serious; is very great with his clients.

Always answers his phone no matter the time of day, to help with questions and concerns. Does not stop until he solves any situation.

Daniela Mendoza

I can't imagine going through the process of buying a house with any other agent.

Right from the start, Giddeon Massie made the process comfortable and enjoyable. He always took the time to listen to our opinions and explain things to us in simple terms. He always made time for us in his schedule and never made us feel like he was too busy. Most of the other agents we encountered approached us like vultures and spoke to us like we should know the complicated terminology involved with real estate. Giddeon understood that we were first-time buyers and was willing to guide us through the complicated process of buying a home. With Giddeon, you don't just get a friendly and knowledgeable real estate agent. You get a friend who looks out for you and always keeps your best interest at heart.

Victor C. Andrade

Giddeon's professionalism, knowledge of the market and attention to detail made the purchase of my new home seamless, dare I say easy!

His strategy in approaching the seller's agent with an offer, as well as knowing when to ask for concessions, was extraordinary. He is always available and walked me through the process every step of the way. I reccomend Giddeon without hesitation.

Sarah H.

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